Just a Lover

Client: Future Classic
Date: 2016
Services: Design, Compositing, VFX

An outer wordly exploration into the memories, passion and desires of forbiden love. We revisit the fleeting moment when a lover is lost. It never leaves us. A gravitational pull, no matter where we are.

Under the direction of Leigh Newman and Gavain Browne, I worked as Compositing Lead with the talented VFX team at SPLINTR.

Directed by
Leigh Newman & Gavain Browne

Director of Photography
Ross Giardina ACS

Produced by

Edited by
Johnny Lopez
Carla Mercer

Visual Effects
Kelsey Shanahan
Matt White
Duncan Dix
Gerad Gray
Matt Tillman
Jonno Ravagnani

Matt Fezz

Sound Design
Smith & Western