Client: Warner Bros
Date: 2016
Services: Strategy, Design Direction, Pitch

DD8 were commissioned by Warner Bros to pitch on a refresh for the ‘Extra’ brand.


By adopting a considered, strategic approach to the design discovery phase,  we were able to harness data and develop insights to inform the ideation phase. Rather than launching into ideation on our assumptions, analysis of data metrics and market research gave us actionable insight into the audience segments.

We then conducted a competitive audit to understand the market that Extra would be competing in, and quickly discovered that all had similar palettes and design executions with the exception of ET which had recently undergone a striking rebrand of its own.

Extra’s main point of difference is its shoot location in Universal Studios – a unique feature which gives the viewers a sense of exclusivity and approachability. The current look, however, conflicts with this positioning. We aim to capitalise on the Universal Studios aspect and position Extra not as a tabloid paparazzi, but as a VIP glimpse into the lives of the celebs.

Creative development

Once equipped with a stronger understanding of both the audience and market, it soon became obvious that Extra’s current look was neither appropriately targeting its audience nor differentiating itself enough from its competitors as a leading source of entertainment news. The discovery phase also shone light on the desires and tastes of the Extra viewer, which we distilled down to three core driving factors – exclusivity, authority and personality.  Through a restricted yet refined and sophisticated color palette, clean legible typographic treatment and bold use of imagery, our design treatments centered around these themes of personal, proud, and premium.